Spreading Holiday Cheer

First Service Residential adopted several SCHF patients for the holidays, donating plenty of good cheer for those at the end-of-life.

Rosario’s Final Wish

Rosario’s wish was to experience all the magic at Disneyland Park during the holidays. Watch how Southern California Hospice Foundation was able to step-in and make her final wish come true.

Clifford’s Final Wish

Clifford’s last wish was to see the beach one more time. Through the Angel Assistance program, we were able to make that happen for him and his family.


Heather’s Wine Tasting

32-year-old Heather had heroically battled endometrial cancer, and one of her final wishes was for a day of wine tasting at her favorite spot with her closest family and friends. Working with the Peltzer Winery, Grapeline Tours, and many other generous donors, SoCal Hospice Foundation granted Heather’s request.

Heather’s special day started with a volunteer cosmetologist providing a mini spa session at her home Next, Grapeline Tours transported Heather, her family and friends the winery in a luxury shuttle.

Relaxing on the outdoor patio, Heather received a generous gift basket from the winery, and spent her afternoon sipping wine, and connecting with those she loved. Heather’s closest friends and family each gave impromptu speeches about how their lives had been blessed by Heather and she, in turn, spoke about her faith and how she had been blessed with these friends and family, as well.

Filled with hugs and smiles, the day truly reflected the love of a life well lived.

For more information on Heather’s special wine tasting experience, read our feature article in the 2018 SCHF annual report.

Sylvia’s 102nd Birthday Party

Sylvia Landfield dreamed of having a fantastic celebration for her 102nd birthday. Though she suffered from coronary artery disease, Sylvia was an energetic, positive-thinking community member in Laguna Woods. She volunteered time in wellness and professional clubs, and at her church. She did what she called daily “laughter yoga,” and believed that every one of us is amazing.

SCHF helped make her final wish come true with an Angels-themed birthday party featuring a barbershop chorus, musical performers Forever Young (a group of singers in their 80s, 90s and 100s), and handpicked musical favorites. In attendance were the Laguna Woods’ mayor and more than 120 family, friends, church members, and neighbors.

When profiled by a local senior reporter, Sylvia said of hospice, “It makes me feel loved and cared for. Hospice is about making my days better and filling them with memories.” The Southern California Hospice Foundation was happy to be a part of making some of those special memories with Sylvia.

For more information on how SCHF helped make Sylvia’s wish come true, read our feature article in the 2018 SCHF annual report.


Celso’s 80th Birthday

Celso wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday with 70 of his closest friends and family. SCHF made it happen.


Hospice Holiday Cheer

This year the Southern California Hospice Foundation teamed up with First Service Residential, as they adopted a number of our patients during the holidays. They stepped up in a big way donating Christmas trees, decorations, food, gift cards and holiday cheer to those at the end-of-life.

Let’s Go Dodgers

9-month-old Ava was dying from a rare genetic conditioned, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Baseball runs in her family’s blood. The longtime Dodger fans wanted to take the baby to a World Series Los Angeles Dodger game before she died so that she could receive a certificate from the Jr. Dodger Kid’s Club for the first and last game she would ever attend.

Generations of Ava’s family had worked for and enjoyed the storied major league team, so SoCal Hospice Foundation put together a special day for the entire family. The family was able to create beautiful memories with baby Ava that they will cherish for many years to come.

For more of Ava’s story, read our feature article in the 2018 SCHF annual report.

Gina & Cesar’s Wedding Day

For 13 years Gina had lived with Cesar, the love of her life. When struggling with a terminal diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure, Gina made it known that her dying wish was to become Cesar’s wife.

In just a few short weeks, SCHF worked with Gina and Cesar’s community to put on the wedding of her dreams, officiated by the hospice chaplain at Tivoli Too in Laguna Beach. She was fitted with an elegant bridal gown, tiara, and jewelry. The rest of the family was also equipped with formal wear for the occasion. On the day, Gina got up from her wheelchair and walked into Cesar’s arms.

The reception featured a three-course plated meal, tiered wedding cake, and champagne toast. After sharing their first dance and spending time with loved ones, the couple was taken by limousine for a brief honeymoon at the Anaheim Marriott. The beautiful bride said, “Thank you for giving me the best day of my life.” Just a few weeks later, Gina passed away.

For more details of Gina’s story, check out our feature article in the 2018 SCHF annual report.

Marilyn’s Final Wish

Watch how the SoCal Hospice Foundation was able to fulfill Marilyn’s final wish of reuniting her family and saying her final goodbyes.