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For many terminally ill patients, dying at home is not an option. Whether due to difficult living situations, a lack of family and friends who can care for them in their final days, or the limitations of insurance coverage, many people find themselves in a housing crisis at the end-of-life. In fact, studies have shown that although roughly 80 percent of Americans would prefer to die at home, only about 20 percent do.

Now Open! The Heavenly Home, also known as Jerry's Heavenly Home, will change that for hundreds of people in Orange County. Our six-bedroom residential care home will allow people to complete their lives with peace and dignity, spending their final days making meaningful memories with loved ones.

Leave a legacy with your gift to The Living Legacy Endowment.
Imagine making a contribution that leaves a legacy for generations to come. This lasting impact can easily be made through a contribution to our Living Legacy Endowment. Considered one of the most advantageous sources of funding, our endowment enables us to provide round-the-clock care at the Heavenly Home at a reduced cost in perpetuity.

How Endowments Work
Endowed funds differ from others in that the total amount of the gift is invested. Each year, the Living Legacy Endowment is designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for care delivery at the Heavenly Home. With a spending policy of 5%, our current $2 million endowments will generate $100,000 per year. However, the cost of care in our 6-bed facility is $300-$600 per day per patient. Please help us grow our $2 million endowment to $5 million, ensuring affordable care for all facing the final stages of life.

Make your gift today or make a pledge, payable over up to five years. We also accept planned gifts, such as Charitable Remainder Trusts, gifts by will, appreciated assets, retirement plans, and insurance policies.

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About the Heavenly Home

The Heavenly Home is the first-of-its-kind residential, end-of-life care home in Orange County. Providing physical and spiritual support in a home-like setting, the Heavenly Home offers facilities and caregiving to those facing their final journey, giving families the freedom to focus on the things that matter most.

All residents who come to our Heavenly Home complete their lives in an environment designed to encourage the creation of meaningful moments, reflection, and time spent making lasting memories with those they love.

If you know of a hospice patient that needs placement at our Heavenly Home, please contact us today:

Telephone: 949-770-7243
Fax: 949-326-0353

24552 Mosquero Lane
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Facility Number: 306006101


The Southern California Hospice Foundation invites passionate, committed, and driven volunteers to give of their time and talents in support of the Foundation and the Heavenly Home. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or can make a more significant time commitment, please consider volunteering with SoCal Hospice Foundation.

The Hospice Advisory Council helps to increase awareness, educates the community about hospice, and provides a dignified environment to terminally ill patients with the first nonprofit, end-of-life care home in Orange County. Your efforts will help us to expand our reach, and provide greater comfort, dignity, and respect for those facing their final journey.

Legacy Builders help us spread the word about the Heavenly Home and raise funds to build our endowment, allowing us to continue our work in perpetuity.

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