Heather’s Wine Tasting

32-year-old Heather had heroically battled endometrial cancer, and one of her final wishes was for a day of wine tasting at her favorite spot with her closest family and friends. Working with the Peltzer Winery, Grapeline Tours, and many other generous donors, SoCal Hospice Foundation granted Heather’s request.

Heather’s special day started with a volunteer cosmetologist providing a mini spa session at her home Next, Grapeline Tours transported Heather, her family and friends the winery in a luxury shuttle.

Relaxing on the outdoor patio, Heather received a generous gift basket from the winery, and spent her afternoon sipping wine, and connecting with those she loved. Heather’s closest friends and family each gave impromptu speeches about how their lives had been blessed by Heather and she, in turn, spoke about her faith and how she had been blessed with these friends and family, as well.

Filled with hugs and smiles, the day truly reflected the love of a life well lived.

For more information on Heather’s special wine tasting experience, read our feature article in the 2018 SCHF annual report.