Our Programs

SoCal Hospice Foundation offers several programs that serve the non-medical needs of terminally ill patients, their families, and friends. From providing for the needs of the body and spirit to honoring those who have laid down their lives to protect our country.

Our programs are critical for educating our community about the resources available when the need for hospice care arises.

Bereavement Support

The death of someone you love can shatter your world. Join us for one of our interactive workshops that can help you begin to put the pieces back together. In a supportive environment, we’ll talk about what you can expect to experience as you and those around you grieve. We’ll anticipate changes that may lie ahead and, most importantly, we’ll discuss opportunities for healing.


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Angel Assistance

Through our Angel Assistance Program, we provide services that are not typically covered by medical insurances, Medicare or MediCal. These are the needs that are largely overlooked in today’s healthcare system, from something as simple as providing transportation to a doctor’s appointment, to arranging for a child to meet their Hollywood hero before they die. All are equally important, and all speak to the compassion and dignity we seek to provide. Ultimately, our goal is to present patients and their families with meaningful moments that will last a lifetime.

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We Honor Vets

One out of every four dying Americans is a veteran. Since they have done everything asked of them in their mission to serve our country, we believe it’s never too late to publicly recognize their heroism.

Our We Honor Vets program is designed to meet the unique needs of terminally ill veterans and their families, helping the medical community understand the challenges that veterans may face at the end-of-life including overcoming ingrained stoicism, fear of admitting pain as a sign of weakness, and the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We collaborate with several agencies in our commitment to service to veterans, ensuring that no one is forgotten at the end of life.

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Community Outreach


We strive to connect with the individuals in our community who are suffering from a catastrophic illness. We’ve developed programs designed to familiarize the broader community with the resources that are available to them when the need for hospice care arises. There are many different ways to alleviate the stress that can overwhelm a family in times when hospice care is needed. It begins with educating those around us through printed materials, seminars and community involvement.


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Showtime Televsion

Showtime’s groundbreaking
documentary series “Time of
Death” offers an intimate
look at hospice pa..

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